For those who seek justice not only for themselves, but also for others;
    For those aspiring to become skilled private attorneys, wise and impartial judges, intelligent and principled prosecutors, to embark on a career in diplomacy or public service, or achieve success corporate lawyers;
    Graduates will not simply possess knowledge of legal texts and regulations but will also comprehend the nature of legal phenomena. This will enable them to compete in the market and offer innovative solutions to complex legal problems in ever-changing regulatory environment. Practical skills in drafting legal documents, simulation of court hearings, knowledge of modern technical tools will ensure that graduates are immediately prepared for employment in the field;
    Ethics in the legal profession holds a special place in the program. Graduates will recognize that ensuring justice is the primary duty of legal professionals in democratic society and will be ready to pursue it. The program is devoid of the Soviet legal legacy, instead aiming to return Ukrainian legal education to its European roots and reintegrate it into the global context.

The program provides for in-person learning, which means attending classes on campus in Kyiv. Our building has comfortable classrooms with shelter and generators, so regardless of the circumstances, students will be able to continue their studies. At the same time, some courses or their specific components, especially those involving foreign lecturers, may be conducted remotely.

The language of teaching is primarily Ukrainian, however some courses, especially those involving foreign lecturers, will be conducted in English. 
During the first year of study, all students will have the opportunity to bring their level of English proficiency to the required level. This is done so that all students can comfortably work with resources in English, which will be predominant in the course programs.


Discounts, scholarships, and budget places are available for students in this program.

Start of studies

September 2024

Tuition fee

10,000 UAH / month
400,000 UAH / total


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