KSE University is an international education on the campus in Kyiv

I really wanted to study and live during my years of education in a community of valuable, intelligent, and proactive individuals. The KSE community appeared to me exactly like that.

Roman Radiyovsky, Bachelor's Program in Business Economics.


KSE students and alumni are ambassadors of quality education in Ukraine. They don't just study for the sake of a diploma or because it's expected after high school. KSE is an environment where academic integrity is embedded in its DNA. Anyone who strives for honest knowledge can find it here.

The KSE community inspires you to learn new things, get inspired by experiences, and generate ideas every day. Here, you can attend meetings with the First Lady of Ukraine, the Prime Minister of an EU country, the Vice President of the World Bank, the owners of the largest companies, and even Nobel laureates.

As this is my first year studying at KSE, I'm impressed by everything. But studying on campus is definitely a standout. We have all the facilities, including generators and fully equipped shelters. The people surrounding me are very inspiring.

Kyrylo Terenti, Master's Program in Economic Analysis.


We designed the KSE campus with the comfort of everyone who studies, works, or simply visits here in mind. Our students' favorite spots include the coffee shop with tasty lattes and cappuccinos on the first floor, a comfortable study room for completing homework, a relaxation zone with swings, a lounge area with cozy couches and colorful art, a terrace with a view of the city, and sometimes even a Kids Space where they can "hide" from adult responsibilities.

An important focus for KSE is campus safety. In our shelter, we have equipped classrooms where learning can continue without harm to physical or emotional well-being during air alarms. Thanks to generators and Starlink, the campus is a comfortable place to be during blackouts.

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For me, studying at KSE is an invaluable experience that requires maximum effort, but also brings maximum results. The opportunity to receive a double degree will be a significant advantage when applying for jobs at both Ukrainian and international companies.

Sofia Sukhomlyn, Bachelor's program in Business Economics.


Our students receive dual degrees from the University of Houston (USA) and the University of Toronto (Canada), providing them with opportunities to excel in business, the public sector, and science in Ukraine and around the world. Thanks to the support of international donors, KSE students receive scholarships that cover 90-99% of the tuition fees for a dual degree.
KSE also offers various scholarships for young researchers and exchange programs for its students. For instance, KSE students can study abroad for a semester at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst (USA) or at Bocconi University (Italy) through exchange programs.


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