Work in the world's top companies and build an international academic career - as KSE graduates do.

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    Exchange programs 

    KSE students participate in exchange programs every semester and visit the world's best universities, such as Bocconi University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. KSE is also a co-founder of the Ukrainian Global University, which helps students establish contact with leading educational institutions in Europe and the United States and participate in international conferences.

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    Grants and scholarships

    We provide financial assistance to combatants, their children, and internally displaced people. Winners of student competitions, contests, and tournaments can receive academic grants. Those who are forced to go abroad after February 24 and live there can receive an academic grant under the Come Back Home program.

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    Publications with innovators 

    Researches of our faculty and students can be found in Foreign Affairs, Washington Post, Social Forces, and other international publications.

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    Help with employment

    KSE prepares students for internships and helps them find them in the private and public sectors. Our guidance assistant selects vacancies according to the student's specialty, level of knowledge, and ambitions.

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    Double degree

    We have graduated with more than 1000 masters, and one in six of them went on to earn a PhD at Western universities. Internationally recognized master's programs in economics and public policy and management allow students to receive dual degrees from the University of Houston and the University of Toronto.



Economic Analysis

Language of instruction:

Duration of study:
22 months


Business and Finance Economics

Language of instruction:

Duration of study:
16 months


Public Policy and Governance

Language of instruction:

Duration of study:
21 months 


Memory and Conflict Studies

Language of instruction:Ukrainian

Duration of study:21 months


Urban Studies

Language of instruction:English

Duration of study:18 months


Social Psychology

Language of instruction:English & Ukrainian

Duration of study:22 months


  • How to apply to KSE?

    Для вступників на основі диплому бакалавра вступ відбувається за результатами ЄВІ та ЄФВВ. З 1 липня вам потрібно зареєструвати електронний кабінет вступника, а потім у період з 31 липня по 21 серпня 18:00 подати заяву на вступ на бажану програму. Опісля – подати документи до KSE (електронно).

    Для вступників на основі диплому магістра вступ відбувається або за результатами ЄВІ та ЄФВВ, або за результатами внутрішніх іспитів у KSE. З 1 липня вам потрібно зареєструвати електронний кабінет вступника, а потім у період з 31 липня по 21 серпня 18:00 подати заяву на вступ на бажану програму. Опісля – подати документи до KSE (електронно).

  • How do I apply for admission with a master's degree (if I pass internal exams)?

    To apply, watch the video or follow the step-by-step instructions

  • How to apply documents to KSE?

    The entire application process is done electronically, so you will need to confirm your choice of study destination in the applicant's office using the QEP or Diia.Signature, fill out our form (attach a military registration document if necessary), and sign the tuition and educational service agreements in the E-Sign system.

  • Studying in English - do I need a certificate?

    We do not require certificates to study with us. You will have additional classes in professional English so that you can bring your knowledge up to the required level.

  • How to get a grant for study?

    Just like in any other university, you need to pass the EMI and the EHEA as well as possible.
    In 2023, there were budget places in the following programs:
    Business and Finance Economics - 5 places.
    Public Policy and Governance - 5 places.
    Urban Studies - 5 places.

  • Does KSE have a dormitory?

    We have something even better - coliving. These are multi-room flats located near the KSE building or in the center of Kyiv. Students live separately, 2–3 people in a room, have a room for common activities, a kitchen, several bathrooms, and the necessary equipment. Coliving is paid separately from tuition, the price is $100 per month at the NBU rate.

  • Is it possible to study online? Or on campus?

    You can choose a convenient learning format - online or offline at the campus in Kyiv.

  • Can I transfer from another university?

    It depends on how different our educational program is from the program of the university where you studied before. You will need to provide us with a transcript of the courses you have already studied at your university so that we can calculate the academic difference and tell you how realistic it is to close it.

  • What is the entrance score to study at KSE?

    The threshold competitive score is 140. 

  • Are KSE's Masters programs accredited?

    Our master's programs, Economic Analysis, Business and Finance Economics, and Public Policy and Governance, are accredited, and we are currently building new programs - Urban Studies and Post-War Reconstruction, Memory Studies and Public History, and Social Psychology - so we are confident that they will be accredited. They will receive accreditation when the first applicants to the programs graduate because, during the accreditation process, the processes that have not yet taken place in the first year are checked.
    We have access to Coursera courses from the very beginning of our studies, and students in economics programs can receive a double degree from the University of Houston. Therefore, the trust of our partners is a guarantee of quality. You can check the licenses for our programs in the register –


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